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Photo: Daniel Beltrá – Gulf of Mexico

Daniel Beltrá


In choosing this photograph of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Bonhôte is drawing attention to one of the biggest oilfield disasters in history.

When the oil rig exploded on 20 April 2010, it killed 11 people and injured 17 others before producing an unprecedented oil slick spreading over 110,000 square kilometres from around the disaster site – an area almost three times the size of Switzerland. Oil continued to pour out for a full 87 days. The total volume of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico amounted to 4.9 million barrels, or 780 million litres.

What makes this oil spill a singular event – in addition to the spectacular scale of the disaster – is the extent of the environmental damage that it caused, which is still coming to light today, more than 11 years after the incident. It is estimated that pollution originating from the site is still affecting more than 400 marine and land species, including whales, dolphins and many types of birds.

The Deepwater Horizon is considered one of the worst made-made environmental disasters in history. Layers of crude oil mixed with the dispersing agents pumped to contain the spread of the oil slick are still present on the seabed, polluting the whole of the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystem – even away from the disaster scene. Scientists have estimated that up to 75% of the oil from the disaster is still trapped in the environment and will take decades to disperse.

The Deepwater Horizon is a stark lesson from which we all must learn. It is vital that we safeguard our planet, and in this mission we all have a role to play. This starts with the investment world, which has a duty to encourage sustainable innovation and alternatives to fossil fuels by financing those sectors which have solutions at hand. Drawing attention to hazards is one thing; it is also vital to highlight the sustainable investing opportunities available to reduce the risks.

Why the Deepwater Horizon?

Just as this disaster has left a carbon footprint on the planet, Bonhôte wishes to demonstrate its desire to create a long-term framework for sustainable investing.

Banks and other providers of finance are the main source of funds.

Business investment is the bedrock of the value chain in all industries.

That’s why, through our Impact solutions, we are promoting environmentally friendly companies and sectors offering sustainable investment vehicles that will benefit both the planet and your portfolio.

Daniel Beltrá

Daniel Beltrá, originally from Madrid, is a photographer today based in Seattle. His passion for conservation is clearly visible in his evocative and poignant pictures of our environment. Daniel’s most iconic large-scale photos are those taken from the air. Such a perspective gives the observer a broader view of both the beauty and damage inflicted upon our environment while also highlighting Daniel’s clever use of scale. His two months spent photographing the Deepwater Horizon oil spill have produced a wide range of visually stunning images from this unprecedented catastrophe.

Bonhôte Impact

Finance is pivotal to economies by supplying the funds that businesses need to function. By investing in environmentally friendly agendas and industries, you – the investor – can become instrumental in combating climate change. 

With Bonhôte, you can play your part by simply harnessing the potential of our Impact SRI solutions, which combine performance and sustainability so that you can generate returns AND safeguard the future of our planet.

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