Bonhôte Fund Solutions strengthened by the appointment of Gérard Sanz

Gérard Sanz has joined our investment fund selection and placement unit, Bonhôte Fund Solutions, to help expand our footprint in the Swiss German market. Mr Sanz will work to grow the business of this exclusive collective investment schemes community.

Established in 2016, Bonhôte Fund Solutions already caters to a select group of investors in the French region of Switzerland and now aims to expand further by replicating this business model in the German-speaking area of our country. This unique model teams up Bonhôte Fund Solutions with a pick of institutional investors to create added value, by selecting and placing niche funds with a focus on those featuring active management.

In the words of Steve Métrallet, who heads this unit, “We are delighted to announce the addition of Gérard Sanz, 46, to the team of Bonhôte Fund Solutions with the rank of Vice-President. His broad-based experience and acknowledged expertise will enable us to grow our advisory business, particularly in German Switzerland.”.

Gérard Sanz studied political science at the University of Geneva and has worked for over 20 years for prominent financial institutions, mainly in the German-speaking region. His professional background has endowed him with finely honed skills in analysing, managing and distributing long-only funds and hedge funds.