Bonhôte-Immobilier continues to innovate!

Bonhôte-Immobilier continues to innovate and now offers its investors the choice of a stock dividend—a first in the industry!

Established in 2006, Bonhôte-Immobilier has become one of French Switzerland’s largest real estate funds with a property portfolio currently valued at over CHF 900 million. To mark the end of its 11th financial year, investors will be given the enticing possibility of having their dividend paid in the form of new shares in the fund instead of the usual cash pay-out. This choice will be set out in detail when the fund’s annual report is published on 23 June.

This is a unique solution that has never been tried before in the property funds segment. The main advantage for shareholders is being able to reinvest the dividend in Bonhôte Immobilier on exceptional terms, since the transaction is carried out at the fund’s net asset value and not at its stockmartket value.

According to Jean-Paul Jeckelmann, Chief Investment Officer of Banque Bonhote & Cie SA, “Many investors want to plough their dividend back into the fund. This is therefore a particularly good option for them as they can reinvest at the net asset value, while the shares are now trading at a premium of around 20% to the NAV on 30 September 2016. The flexibility of this offer also makes it easier for each investor to fulfil his or her management objectives.”


This solution also provides Bonhôte-Immobilier with a regular inflow of liquidity that can be used to continue making top-quality additions to a portfolio that is recognised for its stability and excellent management.

The annual report and dividend will be published on 23 June 2017.

Download the Press release (pdf)