Bonhôte-Immobilier response to coronavirus

Bonhôte Immobilier, a leading real-estate fund in Western Switzerland, is keenly aware of the problems currently encountered by its tenants and is keeping track of the pandemic and how it is affecting the real economy. It is also mindful of the financial help announced recently by the federal government and cantons in the form of wage subsidies and compensation for loss of earnings. Correspondingly, its main aim will be supporting the independent businesses that are pivotal to both the national economy and local communities.

Today it is announcing that all rents for April owed by independent commercial tenants affected by the closures ordered by federal authorities will no longer be considered due and payable. Estate agents have been instructed not to serve any formal notices for non-payment of commercial rents under the usual procedure contained in Article 257d of the Swiss Code of Obligations until further notice. Each case will be handled on an individual basis to find acceptable viable solutions for both tenant and landlord.

Today more than ever, our decisions must be based on a sense of solidarity and civic responsibility,” says Philippe Salvi, joint manager for Bonhôte-Immobilier. “We consider our tenants as business partners on whom our attention should be centred in the current crisis. Bonhôte Immobilier needs to rise to the challenge as well and do whatever it can to support independent commercial tenants. These latest measures reflect this state of awareness.

In addition, concerned about isolated and elderly persons, Bonhôte Immobilier is distributing information to all its tenants containing the numbers of the institutions that can be contacted in an emergency. More widely, Banque Bonhôte is keeping up to date with federal and cantonal decisions and stands ready to announce further measures.


Dating back to 2006, Bonhôte Immobilier is today one of the leading real-estate funds in Western Switzerland. The portfolio, valued at over 1 billion Swiss francs, comprises 2,500 housing units and 210 commercial units totalling a floor area of 37,570m2. The properties are located in the cantons of Vaud, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Valais and Jura.