Bonhôte Sustainable Development Day

Bonhôte held its first Sustainable Development Day yesterday, as part of its commitment to environmental and social issues.

The day was marked by the bank, whose head office is located on the Quai Ostervald in Neuchâtel, cleaning up the lake shore. Some 15 employees took turns throughout the day, working between Serrières and the Port du Nid-de-Crô. In total, over 30kg of waste was collected.



Yves de Montmollin, CEO, expressed his satisfaction about this successful operation and congratulated the volunteers who took part: “The bank has constantly been sensitive to ESG issues, as demonstrated by our Bonhôte Impact SRI fund, our various initiatives to reduce our use of resources and our B Corp certification project.” Staff members from every department were involved, regardless of their grade.



Cyril Lanfranchi, who heads Bonhôte’s sustainability drive, commented the following: “It was important for the project team to do something tangible, in addition to all the small everyday steps which make the bank more sustainable. This initiative had two goals: express our commitment to the local community and further internal cohesion. Judging by the excellent atmosphere throughout the day and the many messages of support and thanks received, it seems that both goals were achieved.”

Bonhôte, a Neuchâtel-based bank whose history stretches back more than 200 years, is proud to see its business going from strength to strength as it takes a stand to make the world a better place. The branch network links the cities of Bern, Biel/Bienne, Geneva, Lausanne, Solothurn and Zurich.