New Bonhôte Megatrend ESG fund launched today

Bonhôte stepping up commitment to sustainability with new Megatrend ESG fund investing in future-focused themes.

The new Bonhôte Strategies - Megatrend Equity ESG fund, launched today, will invest in future-focused themes while maximising the Bank’s social and environmental responsibility.

To achieve these goals, its team of managers will invest directly in global equities classified according to eight themes – from digitalisation, climate and innovation to smart mobility and artificial intelligence. The portfolio has been rated A under its ESG certification, which is significantly higher than the benchmark MSCI World Index (C+).

The ESG strategy is approved by Conser, an independent ESG verifier based in Geneva. Securities are selected using a systematic optimisation process to maximise the portfolio’s returns and ESG rating while keeping volatility to a minimum.

The new Bonhôte Strategies - Megatrend Equity ESG fund is now open to investors. Its track record, derived from an in-house fund (portefeuille collectif interne) incepted in February 2022, has outperformed the fund’s benchmark, the MSCI World Index, to date.

I’m delighted with this new ESG fund, through which we’re shoring up our leading position in sustainability by building on our sustainable investment strategy initiated more than a decade ago and which was recently recognised through the award of B Corp certification” says Yves de Montmollin, CEO. “I’d like to thank the whole team that has brought this new investment fund to fruition.” “This new fund will expand our sustainable product offering, capitalising on the success of our Bonhôte Impact strategy launched in 2019,”

Julien Stähli, Chief Investment Officer. “The major themes of tomorrow are high-potential areas, allowing investors to harness the long-term structural changes at work in economies and societies. Since this kind of product did not exist on the market, we created it from scratch by developing a unique systematic process that maximises both the security selection process and the fund’s overall ESG score.”

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About Bonhôte

Bonhôte is a 200-year-old private bank headquartered in Neuchâtel with branches in Lausanne, Geneva, Biel/Bienne, Bern, Solothurn and Zurich, and approximately 100 employees. It is mainly active in wealth management. In 2019, it launched the Bonhôte Impact fund, which invests in sectors and themes addressing major challenges such as global warming and the economic development of the world’s most disadvantaged regions. Bonhôte’s focus on environmental and social issues is corroborated by its B Corp certification.

Julien Stähli

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