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Family Office Services

Our Family Office service offers a comprehensive consideration of all aspects of your family heritage.


The service specialists analyse the client’s needs, as well as the financial value of the file. They draw up a family profile and a risk profile.

Customized strategy

The service establishes an individual strategy based on the client’s expectations. Investment restrictions and personal risks are taken into consideration. Combined with regular income, this strategy preserves capital in the long term. The capital gains generated are moderate and fluctuations in value remain low. The investment process is governed by «common sense». 

Implementation and monitoring 

The implementation of the strategy is subject to continuous reporting, monitoring and adjustment. The department is responsible for the administration of the file, payment transactions and documentation. Institutional clients benefit from asset consolidation. Information on all asset classes is delivered quickly and appropriately.

Twenty years of experience

With twenty years of experience, our specialists are experts in the art of asset consolidation. In addition to the consolidation of asset information, their activities include the management of financial and non-financial assets, the preparation of management reports and the keeping of securities accounts. Automated interfaces with various Swiss and foreign banks ensure optimal service. .


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