Governing bodies

Board of Directors

Jean Berthoud, Chairman

Frédéric Bonhôte, Vice Chairman

Marie-Noëlle Letellier, Secretary

Jean-Blaise Conne

Christian Katz

Executive Board

Yves de Montmollin
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Olivier Vollenweider
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Jean-Paul Jeckelmann
Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Robin Richard
Chief Client Officer (CCO)

Julien Staehli
Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Executive Committee

Claude Suter, Managing Director
Head of Independent Asset Managers

Anne-Sophie Muller Chouet
Head of Legal & Compliance

Cyril Lanfranchi
Head of Marketing & Communication

Pasquale De Frino
Head of Back Office Operations

Cédric Huguenot
Head of Finance, Credit and Risk

Alexandre Vincent
Wealth manager

Pierre-François Donzé
Head of Asset Management