Governing bodies

Board of Directors

Jean Berthoud, Chairman

Frédéric Bonhôte, Vice Chairman

Marie-Noëlle Letellier, Secretary

Jean-Blaise Conne

Christian Katz

Executive Board

Yves de Montmollin
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Olivier Vollenweider
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Jean-Paul Jeckelmann
Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Robin Richard
Chief Client Officer (CCO)

Julien Staehli
Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Executive Committee

Claude Suter, Managing Director
Head of UHNWI & Independent Asset Managers

Anne-Sophie Muller Chouet
Head of Legal & Compliance

Cyril Lanfranchi
Head of Marketing & Communication

Pasquale De Frino
Head of Back Office Operations

Cédric Huguenot
Head of Finance, Credit and Risk

Alexandre Vincent
Wealth manager

Pierre-François Donzé
Head of Asset Management