Biel/Bienne, the largest bilingual town in Switzerland, situated midway between Geneva, Basel and Zurich, spans two cultures, those of the French- and German-speaking regions of Switzerland.

The town’s rich identity lies in its urban landscape and surrounding areas. The old town in the centre of the city is a monument to its glorious past, a reminder of the dynamism with which the modern conglomeration was built. Beyond, the gentle countryside nestles between lake and mountains. Water abounds in Biel/Bienne and in the Three Lakes region, a land determinedly reclaimed from the marshes.

Biel/Bienne and Neuchâtel are situated along the same Jura mountain chain and share common cultural and economic traditions, which very early on turned the towns into a showcase for the watchmaking industry. More recently, as the economic landscape was transformed by significant structural changes, Biel/Bienne successfully invented other strategies to pursue its expansion. Today, while continuing to develop its industrial expertise in the watchmaking and micromechanical sectors, Biel/Bienne has branched out into the service sector, where it is particularly strong in telecommunications and information technology.

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Geography, history and tradition inextricably link Biel/Bienne with Neuchâtel and Banque Bonhôte et Cie SA is there, sharing its extensive private banking experience and listening to investors whose preoccupations and way of life are very close to each other.

Our presence in Biel/Bienne also confirms our commitment to regional development, and to maintaining personal contacts at the heart of our approach.

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