Bonhôte-Immobilier SICAV

Real estate fund

Bonhôte-Immobilier SICAV, launched in October 2006, is an investment fund under Swiss law, as defined by the Federal Collective Investment Funds Act (LPCC) of 23 June 2006.

Bonhôte-Immobilier SICAV invests in:

  • Swiss real estate, primarily in Western Switzerland
  • Residential and mixed-use properties
  • Commercial properties as well as selected industrial properties or workshops
  • Housing projects
Philippe Salvi

Contact Philippe Salvi, co-manager of the fund


The fund’s objective is to build a stable and dynamically managed real estate portfolio.

Long term, Bonhôte-Immobilier SICAV aims to maintain the value of its investments and to distribute their income appropriately. As far as possible, therefore, it invests in properties that hold out above-average yield prospects.

Market data

  • Symbol: BIM
  • ISIN: CH0026725611

Further details can be found on the SIX website

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