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Megatrend Equity ESG

This fund invests in future-facing themes while optimising the portfolio’s ESG rating.

These themes are tied to underlying and structural shifts in our societies, lifestyles and consumer habits.

These shifts are affecting the vast majority of the global population.

The companies selected by the fund are positioned to gain from these profitable trends over the long term.

Investment universe

Pierre-François Donzé

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8 future-facing themes making up the investment universe at the fund’s inception:

  • durable

    50% of jobs could be automated

  • durable

    Growing 2.5x faster than global GDP

  • durable

    $755 billion invested, rising by up to sixfold out to 2030

  • assemblée générale

    Population ageing
    2.1 billion over 60 by 2050, equating to 21.8% of the population

  • durable

    Driving the change

  • durable

    Smart mobility
    Market worth over $1 trillion by 2030

  • durable

    Artificial intelligence
    Market outweighing the combined GDP of India and China by 2030

  • assemblée générale

    Millennial consumer patterns
    Millennials and their progeny to represent 72% of the global population in 2030

Investment philosophy


Investing in future-facing companies

Companies helping drive structural change are positively exposed to long-term growth trends. Megatrend combines investments across several themes to obtain:

  • better diversification
  • a more resilient portfolio

Selected for their high-quality balance sheets

Companies with excellent financial strength tend to outperform the market over the medium/long term.

Complying with the most stringent ESG standards

Focusing on companies demonstrating best practice in ESG adds value and reduces portfolio risk.

Investing in Megatrend means combining these factors to obtain the best that each one has to offer.


Meticulous portfolio construction


Fund ESG grade



Fund ESG report (PDF)




Megatrend Equity ESG brochure (PDF)


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