Asset management mandates

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Cross-asset investment mandate

Our cross-asset mandate combines traditional and alternative asset classes, allowing you to benefit from a strategy tailored to your investment objectives and constraints. Our active, theme-based investment philosophy seeks to harness underlying trends in the markets to provide you with disciplined, returns-focused performance.

Special investment mandates

We offer innovative strategies using investment methods that leverage the very latest in academic research. Because we are independent, we can offer a selection of the best investment vehicles on the market and join forces with external partners whenever niche expertise is required.

  • Mandates with a risk budget

The Bonhôte Asymétrique range, offered in conjunction with Koris International, a leading risk manager, provides an asymmetric risk profile underpinned by systematic quantitative methods. This strategy enables institutional investors to weather large-scale market downturns better while still participating as much as possible in uptrends.

The Asymmetric Range is available as a mixed (LPP Optimum) or a fixed-income mandate. These mandates allow for investing optimally in higher-return assets while staying within a predetermined risk budget expressed in terms of a maximum loss limit. The risk profile is genuinely asymmetric, offering exposure on the upside while limiting downside risk.

  • Responsible investment mandate

We have teamed up with Conser Invest SA, a pioneer in responsible investing, to offer clients a special mandate that screens companies for environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. A responsible investment charter can be added to so that the investor’s personal wishes in terms of ESG criteria are respected.

  • Equities:

Active management: The objective is to exploit market inefficiencies as astutely as possible. Based on value analysis we select shares of first-rate companies across a diversified range of sectors.

    Semi-active management: In this approach we separate your equity holdings into two sections, one that replicates a benchmark and one containing a pick of shares based on our convictions.

    • Fixed income: In line with your prescribed currency weightings, we allocate your bond holdings across the capital market segments. Performance is generated by choosing top-quality borrowers and reading the trend of the yield curve.
    • Securitised Swiss real estate mandates: Drawing on our expertise acquired with the Bonhôte-Immobilier SICAV fund, we use in-depth comparative analysis to select the best investment funds, investment foundations (occupational benefits) and real estate stocks. Active allocation by type of rental income (residential or commercial) and geographical region is then considered for optimising performance.