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Asset Management Mandates

General mandates

These are balanced mandates that cover traditional and alternative asset classes, providing you with personalised management in line with your own investment criteria.

Special mandates

Would you like to invest in a particular segment? We will be glad to create a bespoke solution comprising specific investments, e.g.:

  • Equities:

Active management: The objective is to exploit market inefficiencies as shrewdly as possible. Based on value analysis we select shares of first-rate companies across a diversified range of sectors.

Semi-active management: In this approach we separate your equity holdings into two sections, one that replicates a benchmark and one containing a pick of shares based on our convictions.

Passive management: Here we track the benchmark of your choice using a combination of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

  • Fixed income: In line with your prescribed currency weightings, we allocate your bond holdings across the capital market segments. Performance is generated by choosing top-quality borrowers and by reading the trend of the yield curve.
  • Investment funds: Meticulous screening enables us to pick investment funds that tone with our overall strategy. We can also provide theme mandates, for example composed of indirect real estate holdings, to round out your investment portfolio.

LPP Optimum

In association with Koris International, this mandate provides an asymmetric risk profile enabling institutional investors to withstand large-scale market downturns better while still participating as much as possible in uptrends.

Optimised Swiss Equities

This mandate offers diversification across four management styles, enhancing the return/risk ratio.

Discretionary Mandate in Responsible Investing

The Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA has teamed up with Conser Invest SA to offer clients a Discretionary Mandate in Responsible Investing (RI) that, as part of its investment process, takes into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria of selected companies.

Discretionary Mandate Asymmetric

The approach is innovative as these vehicles automatically determine their optimal exposure to the best-performing assets while adhering to a maximum risk budget set in advance. This provides an asymmetric risk profile, since the investor participates in markets’ gains while facing a limited danger of loss.