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Bonhôte Selection –

Global Bonds ESG

The purpose of this fund is to generate long-term capital appreciation while integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into the portfolio construction process.

Investment universe

The investment fund is designed for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios through the inclusion of corporate and government bonds (both high-yield and investment-grade) denominated in Swiss francs or foreign currencies.

Pierre-François Donzé

Contact Pierre-François Donzé, Head of Asset Management


The fund may also invest marginally in CAT bonds,* which offer an advantageous risk/reward and provide useful diversification through a performance that is largely uncorrelated with conventional financial markets.

CAT bonds, which are part of the insurance-linked securities (ILS) category, are used by insurers and reinsurers to transfer the risks of predefined events to investors.

Quantitative management approach

The fund is managed using a quantitative approach which harnesses indicators to define investment opportunities in the various fixed-income segments. A top-down cascading method is used to allocate capital among various grades and geographies, actively adjusting interest rate, credit and currency risk to market conditions. This method is optimised for investors whose reference currency is the Swiss franc and takes into account the cost of currency hedging. 

As the fund has a global coverage, currency hedges are used to maintain a net exposure of 70% or more to the Swiss franc at all times.

Integration of ESG criteria

Incorporating ESG criteria is a fundamental part of our investment strategy.

The fund promotes environmental or social features, or a mix of the two, by investing in the vehicles and securities of issuers with an ESG profile above the median of their peers. Many controversial business activities and sectors are automatically excluded.

The following ESG approaches are applied:


Issuers whose business practices run counter to our sustainable investment charter are excluded.

Direct investment selection

Issuers with E, S and G ratings above the median for their industry are given priority. 

The fund invests in securities of issuers whose average ESG scores for the three pillars E, S and G are above 50, on a scale of 100.

Indirect investment selection

In addition to quantitative and qualitative financial criteria, the selection process for investment vehicles (investment funds and ETFs) includes non-financial criteria (ESG). 

The portfolio is primarily invested in funds that incorporate ESG criteria by complying with one of the following:

  • Either they are classified as an Article 8 or Article 9 fund under the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation (SFDR)
  • Or they have an ESG score higher than the average of the scores obtained in the three ESG pillars.



Global Bonds ESG brochure (PDF)

Contract - prospectus (FR)

KID Class IA (FR)

KID Class ID (FR)



This is an advertising issued by Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA. It does not constitute an offer nor a solicitation to subscribe or sell, nor even does constitute research, investment advice or a personal recommendation. All information provided in this document are indicative and may vary. The reference documents are the prospectus, factsheet and/or the key investor information documents. If performance data are mentioned, it should be noted that the past performance is no indication of current or future performance, and that performance data do not take account of the fees and costs incurred on the issuance and redemption of units. Global Bonds ESG is a subfund within Bonhôte Selection, a Swiss-registered investment fund classified under “Other funds for traditional investments”. It has been approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA for offering in Switzerland to non-qualified investors. The prospectus, factsheet and/or the key investor information documents, the annual and semi-annual report can be obtained free of charge from the management company: CACEIS (Switzerland) SA, Route de Signy 35, CH-1260 Nyon,, and from the depositary. Latest NAV data can be found on the web platform of Swiss Fund Data AG ( This fund may not be distributed outside Switzerland and may not be offered, sold or delivered within the United States of America or to persons who are US persons or who have their permanent residence or domicile there. The circulation of this document outside Switzerland, and the sale of this product to investors resident or domiciled outside Switzerland may be subject to restrictions or prohibitions under foreign law. It is the responsibility of the investor to seek prior information regarding their status in this respect and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. It is also recommended that investors consult qualified professional advisers, particularly in legal, financial and tax matters, to determine their status with respect to the desired investment.