Tax and wealth advice

Bonhôte Services offers legal and tax solutions to protect and maintain your personal wealth and business assets. We plan with you in mind, adapting our offer to your specific circumstances and requirements.

Custom-tailored advice

Bonhôte Services has built up a wealth of experience, in Switzerland and globally, over more than 30 years. Our legal and tax experts are on hand to advise you on the best solutions for your circumstances, wherever your place of residence or assets may be located.

Mélanie Erb-Zimet

Contact Mélanie Erb-Zimet, certified tax expert


Our experience will help you reach your goals, from optimising securities and property transactions and safeguarding assets to assisting in philanthropic pursuits and planning your estate.

Our services include:

  • Asset surveying and income & wealth tax optimisation
  • Tax and legal advice in accordance with natural persons’ tax residence, especially in cases of changing residence or expatriating
  • Tax planning for natural persons and legal entities using companies, foundations and other legal forms
  • Tax and legal advice for selling or passing on a company, or help with restructuring
  • Review of pension benefits, including financial planning for retirement
  • Legal and tax-related assistance in property transactions, especially in the case of a sale or inheritance
  • National and international estate planning

We guarantee unparalleled professionalism, cooperating with global experts whenever necessary.