Bonhôte Impact programme off to an excellent start

The new Bonhôte Impact programme has made a highly successful start, gathering over CHF 70 million in assets under management, including CHF 30 million into the investment fund incepted on 22 July, proving that this theme has a high priority among investors.

The aim of this programme is to generate a positive return for society and the environment in addition to the usual return on investment. Bonhôte Impact provides exposure to the theme of responsible investing but at the same time offers a diversified range of investments including equities and fixed income while capping exposure to foreign currencies. The fund is also available to retail investors without a minimum upfront investment. Units are available in Swiss francs or euros. Liquidity is weekly.

Through this programme, our Bank is taking concrete steps towards a fairer world by sharing a portion of the fees earned to fund initiatives that have a positive impact on society. Among these projects, here are two helping people globally and locally.

  • Transforming Lives Awards: we are partnering with the charity Transforming Lives, which has collected the exceptional amount of $600,000 for allocation to eight selected company-run projects from around the globe. Bonhôte sat on the panel selecting the projects, which will receive their awards at a special evening ceremony in London on 9 September. For more information visit
  • Activation by HUB Neuchâtel: this incubator and support programme accompanies business projects working for the benefit of the society and the environment. We are providing funding, training and coaching for the ten projects selected. The award ceremony will be held in Neuchâtel on 8 November. For more information (in French) visit

From programme lead Valentin Girard CFA: The success of our Impact programme reflects a keen interest in the theme of responsible investing. Participation in the Transforming Lives Awards and Activation means that the impact will outlive the timeframe of our investments.

Bonhôte Impact harnesses the strategies used for the impact-investing mandates that we have managed for several years.

Bonhôte is a founding member of Swiss Sustainable Finance and a member of Sustainable Finance Geneva. Since 2013 we have been working hand in hand with Conser Invest SA, an advisor in sustainable investing, to assess the selected funds and ensure that targets are achieved. Investment sustainability is monitored and the resultant impact quantified using measurable criteria. Through this procedure, each and every client can then gauge the real-world ‘impact’ of their portfolio, for example the number of children gaining access to school, or the litres of water or tonnes of CO2 saved. From Angela de Wolff, founder of Conser: We are delighted that Bonhôte has introduced this innovative programme in responsible investing that also supports projects with a human and environmental dimension.

Having reached this first milestone, we are launching another advertising campaign dedicated to the new fund. For full details about Bonhôte Impact, please visit