Bonhôte investing in bonds issued to support victims of the Covid-19 crisis

Through its Bonhôte Impact programme, Banque Bonhôte is investing in bonds issued to support direct and indirect victims of the coronavirus crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic led to a surge in social impact bond issues in April. The aim of these issues is to reduce the economic impact of the pandemic in developing countries.

In particular, the proceeds will be used to finance research and development work relating to screening, vaccines and other drugs to eradicate the symptoms of Covid-19. Funds will also be lent to small businesses affected by the pandemic and spent on machinery to increase production of hygiene and protective equipment.

The bonds fit with the objective of the Bonhôte Impact programme, which is to generate a positive environmental and social impact through its investments. They represent an investment opportunity that enables Bonhôte to diversify its portfolio and increase its contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Valentin Girard, head of the Bonhôte Impact Bonhôte Impact programme, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic requires a rapid response to minimise the damage caused to the world’s most vulnerable communities. As impact investors, we are seizing the opportunity to help address the challenge by investing in these very high-quality bonds.”

Valentin Girard

Interested? Contact Valentin Girard, who heads the Bonhôte Impact programme

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