Interview with Pierre Lombard

Why did the bank Bonhôte decide to open a new branch in Lausanne?

Since its establishment in 1815, Banque Bonhôte has always grown steadily, expanding in line with the confidence shown by its clients. After gaining strength in the area around its headquarters in Neuchâtel, the Bank extended its reach into German-speaking Switzerland by opening a branch in Biel in 2002, followed by another outlet in Bern a few years later. The Bank has also operated in Geneva since 2009. Given the numerous business relationships that developed in the Canton of Vaud in the intervening years, it seemed obvious that the Bank should move closer to these clients around Lake Geneva by setting up a new branch in Lausanne and stepping up our presence in French Switzerland.

How long have you operated in the Vaudois capital?

The Lausanne branch was opened last October at 34, avenue du Tribunal-Fédéral. It is a quiet spot, easy to get to, and there are parking spaces for our clients in front of the building. But this location is only temporary. After several months of searching we found an exceptional site equipped with splendid offices in the city centre. Our Lausanne branch will soon move permanently to these premises, formerly occupied by Bugnion, a prestigious private bank, at 5, rue du Grand-Chêne, a short walk from the Lausanne Palace. 

How many relationship managers and other staff will be posted in Lausanne?

To start with, workplaces will be fitted out for eight Group employees. My assistant Tânia Ribeiro and I and two of our colleagues in the institutional management segment will make up the initial team.

In view of the branch’s perfect location in Lausanne in relation to our Neuchâtel headquarters and other branches, a number of senior managers and other employees will use these fully renovated facilities in the Canton of Vaud to receive clients and service providers. 

Why did you join the bank Bonhôte?

Special care is given to clients at all levels of the Bank. In view of my own approach, highly geared towards customer satisfaction, for me this criterion was essential. I was also taken with Bonhôte’s trail-blazing tilt and its ability to look to the future confidently without forsaking its two-centuries-old tradition. To me, its positioning focused on Swiss clients and its steady, proportionate growth are signs of quality and endurance.

From a small number in 1991 the staff of Banque Bonhôte has grown to nearly a hundred today, with a quarter of employees devoted to serving clients directly.

What position would Bonhôte like to occupy in Vaud Canton’s private banking segment?

Thanks to its flexible structure the Bank offers an alternative to the large financial groups, whose approach is increasingly standardised. Its size enables it to provide a wide range of exclusive services for private and institutional clients, along with long-term bonds of trust.

At Bonhôte we don’t think in terms of quarters, we think in terms of generations!